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  • Our Marvellous May Schedule is Here

    There have been a LOT of changes going on these last few months. At BWC we all firmly believe that what we have to offer in terms of our classes and workshops will help you build your tools of resilience and flexibility to battle whatever life throws at you. You will be well cared for by all of our teachers, whatever class you choose.

    Please pay attention to our Facebook page for any last minute changes, additions or cancellations. Pre-registration is a MUST for all classes as class sizes are limited due to the pandemic. All Covid protocols are in place so you can relax and feel safe in our beautiful, calming studio.


  • It's not about what you get, but how you are with what you have

    Barry Boyce

  • Class Descriptions

    Please contact the individual teacher to PRE REGISTER for ALL classes due to current limitations on class sizes, or with any questions you may have about that class


    Yoga Classes: $15/class drop-in rate ($12/class seniors & students)

    Savings: 5-class punch cards are available from your teacher

    Payment: E transfer or Cash (E Transfer is preferred)



    Chair Yoga

    Margo's Chair class

    Chair Yoga with Margo combines both fully seated and chair or wall supported standing poses and provides a wonderful stretching and strengthening experience for challenged bodies.

    Gentle movement, deep breathing, and an awareness of posture are key elements. A few strengthening exercises and meditative relaxation complete each class.


    With Margo-margo.chairyoga@gmail.com or text, 902 955 1467


    Beth's Chair class***returning to schedule at a later date***

    Chair yoga is perfect for those with arthritis/ limited mobility, previous injury and vertigo

    Feel supported and held safely in this gentle yet effective chair yoga class. By moving with a gentle flow that matches our breath, we will release neck, shoulder and back tension. While seated we will also find release in foot and toe movements that will help stimulate our overall senses


    With Beth W.- bethwhalenyoga@gmail.com

    Beth offers services in both English and French




    Flow Yoga


    One of the most popular styles of Yoga-Flow yoga develops strength and flexibility through continuous and fluid guided movement as you flow through creative sequences. Classes are designed for all ages and levels-from beginner to seasoned yogis and are 60 minutes in length


    With Beth O- bethyoga4@gmail.com

    With Denise- deneneyoga@gmail.com

    Flow and Let Go ***returning to schedule at a later date***


    The first half of this class will combine movement with poses which build strength and endurance. Then we will ease into a series of yin poses to improve flexibility and enhance energy flow. The practice aims to promote a balance of effort and ease.


    With Cynthia-samking@nb.sympatico.ca


    Lunch Break Yoga (Gentle Kripalu Yoga)

    In this class Betsy will relax you from your morning and send you back for your afternoon by utilizing gentle Kripalu Yoga which incorporates the practice of learning to be fully present in the moment. It's a form of training yourself to use deliberate muscles through breathing and helps move you toward a state of compassionate, non judgmental awareness. In essence this yoga helps you to "stay present" both on and off the yoga mat. This class is appropriate for all levels


    With Betsy- betsy@yogabybetsy.com


    Intro to Yoga


    This multi-week session is an introduction to foundational yoga poses - we will break down each pose, working slowly to show proper alignment of the body. You will improve flexibility, strength, and balance while learning to move with your breath, connect mind with body, improving overall health and happiness, and reducing stress. I will help you to become more confident and successful in your yoga practice.


    With Denise- deneneyoga@gmail.com

    Kundalini Yoga ***returning to schedule at a later date***


    Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a powerful technology for personal transformation. Profound effects and benefits can be experienced in just a single practice. This practice is accessible to all body types, as any of the postures can be substituted with visualization and breath coordination.

    Each Kundalini Yoga class will consist of several components:
    -Pranayama (Breathwork)
    -Kriya (a series of physical movements designed to bring about a desired effect, of which there are many)
    -Deep relaxation

    There are a myriad of Kundalini Yoga meditations which are generally more involved than simply sitting still and observing your thoughts. These meditations can involve movement, mudra (hand position), mantra, and chanting. We will typically deeply relax for 7 minutes, followed by an 11 minute meditation.

    Tea will be served after class and everyone will have an opportunity to connect with one another and to share from their experience.


    With Luke- yogamckim@gmail.com

    Meditation @ Noon

    This is a drop in class for experienced meditators and those with no prior experience. Come and share a guided half hour meditation in our lovely space with Shiona, and experience the benefit of quieting the mind and body.

    Entrance is by donation


    With Shiona- mindfulnessandyourhealth@gmail.com


    Yin Yoga

    Cynthia's Yin class

    Come and stretch out the connective tissue in these delicious classes, These long holds, done low to the ground, in seated or lying postures, ground and release the body and soothe the mind.


    With Cynthia- samking@nb.sympatico.ca


    Emelie's Yin class

    Yin yoga is a contemplative and calming practise. There are no standing poses; the work is done slowly and poses are held for five minutes, or longer, to allow us to reach the connective tissues of the body - fascia, tendons, ligaments and bones - and to stimulate the movement of chi, or energy, along the meridians to the organs.


    With Emelie- yayayoga.emelie@gmail.com


    Pamela's Yin class

    A practice designed to allow us to become aware of the deeper tissues in our bodies, including our bones, joints, ligaments and the network of fascia that holds everything together. We come into and out of Yin forms slowly and hold them for 3-5 minutes (longer with continued practice). Holding position enables us to take stock of what we feel, make adjustments as appropriate, then relax into stillness in the form creating space where stresses have bunched our fibres. Just as no two bodies are alike, our left and right sides are not alike so the use of props in this practice ensures a deeper experience. No 2 students will look alike in any form. Suitable for all levels of experience.


    With Pamela- hamilton.pj9@gmail.com


    Candace's Yin class ***returning to schedule at a later date***

    These Sunday offerings are all about quieting the mind, settling into our heart center, allowing our body's the opportunity to release all tension we've been carrying and letting it all wash away. Starting out our week without a worry in the world, creating a peacefulness that carries forward as we tackle our day to day lives. Give yourself the gift of stillness while we support our body in this journey.


    With Candace- healing@shiftinglightstudio.com


    Yoga 4 Cancer (will return to schedule at a later date)


    Yoga 4 Cancer method is gentle and restorative. Additionally, it is an evidence-informed style focusing on the scientific foundation of movement and breath as well as focusing on the special needs of cancer patients or survivors. Yoga 4 Cancer is a global network of trained teachers, resources, research initiatives and strong partnerships that are focused on providing the quality of support cancer survivors need and want. As a Yoga 4 Cancer trained teacher and cancer survivor, I am aware of and understand the cautions and risks in generic yoga styles for cancer survivors. This provides a unique perspective on which postures (asanas) work best, and which DO NOT WORK and could be harmful. The immune system, including the lymphatic system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, skeletal/muscular system, respiration system and nervous system are all relative to the movements with Yoga 4 Cancer. Cancer takes your breath away… yoga gives it back. Allow several months of weekly Yoga 4 Cancer practice to feel the long-term changes within you. (https://y4c.com)


    With Betsy- betsy@yogabybetsy.com


    Kripalu Yoga and Yoga 4 Cancer certified and member of Yoga Alliance.


    Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is deep rest for the body, mind and spirit. Similar to guided meditation, this practice is a restorative style of yoga that takes the student beyond relaxation accessing all levels of being. Sandy has been guiding students to calmness and wellbeing for ten years, helping them access deep peace, intuition and joy. In addition, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sandy holds space for her students using ancient symbols to help transmit Universal healing energy. Nothing to do but lie down, listen and receive.

    No experience is necessary


    With Sandy- sandyjlund@yahoo.com

    Yoga (Trauma Informed) & Mindfulness ***returning to schedule at a later date***

    Research tells us that the majority of us will experience some type of trauma in our life. In the Trauma Informed Yoga and Mindfulness class, participants are gently guided and supported as they safely explore their inner self through close, sustained attention to their mental state and to the body. Students are invited, with Mindfulness, to explore their state of mind and to release trauma and tension stored in the body through various yoga postures and movement. Added variations make this class accessible to ANY body.
    Email Beth with questions or to register.


    With Beth W- bethwhalenyoga@gmail.com


    IRest Yoga Nidra Series

    A meditative “sleep” that brings total relaxation to the body and deep rest and peace to the mind. Superb for managing all levels of daily stresses, anxiety, and trauma and for managing pain. Ideal for anybody.


    With Nancy-lavalee@nbnet.nb.ca

    40$/4 weeks or 15$ drop in

    NIA - a Holistic Body Movement Experience

    Sally is offering two dates for NIA this month

    You will be gently guided through easy, free flowing moves to connect you body, heart and soul.

    Through movement we find health. This is true in NIA. It combines several modalities, including yoga, tai chi and Duncan moves.

    There is no wrong way to do NIA. You move your body in a way that brings ease and comfort. We will be in a no judgement zone and hold space for you whether you want to stand or be seated.

    Reserve your spot by emailing sallywells@bellaliant.net

    Fee will be $12 payable at the door or via etransfer.

    There are 7 spots open for April 17th.

    Please connect with Sally to reserve your space and to let her know if you have questions about this joyful practice.



    With Sally- sallywells@bellaliant.net

    12$- cash or e transfer

    Sound Bath

    Sound baths are a relaxing experience wherein the participant is invited to relax on a mat and be surrounded by sounds created by crystal and Tibetan singing bowls. An accomplished vocalist, Elizabeth adds to the soundscape with her voice and various percussion instruments. Most participants note that the thinking mind is quieted completely through a sound bath and a feeling of profound wellness remains. Elizabeth offers individual sessions of sound therapy as well.


    With Elizabeth- yogaann@outlook.com

    20$/ 15$ for students or senior

    Surrender and Let Go

    Join Sandy and Shiona for an evening of total CHILL. Find your centre, breathe and LET GO. All you need to do is show up and lie down as we guide you through some gentle movement and meditation practices.


    With Sandy and Shiona- sandyjlund@yahoo.com

    30$- spots are limited

  •  Cultivating attitudes of acceptance and patience towards our body.

  • Our Services

    Offering the essentials of a holistic wellness lifestyle BWC brings you everything needed to restore your mind and body to its optimum health.


    Mindfulness is all about learning to stay connected to the current moment and increasing your awareness of ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour. If we can learn to recognize when our “doing mind” takes over, this will allow us to respond rather than react to whatever situation it is that we are in. Think of all the wasted mental energy spent dwelling in the past or living in the future. Both of these patterns of thinking can take away from our life which is unfolding only in the present moment.


    MINDFULNESS 8 week program

    with Dr. Shiona McIntosh
    To Sign Up: go to www.bwcfredericton.com or to Mindfulness tab at Menu Bar






    Quantum Hypnosis sessions with Carla 'Kat' Sheppard are currently available online and in person (with safety measures in place)
    Discover yourself with this deep regression technique to allow health, love and joy into your everyday life. Bring your questions on health, relationships, life missions and mystical experiences to your sessions.


    To book an appointment with Carla, or to obtain more information, please contact Carla at katshep444@gmail.com

  • Gaining strength and flexibility of mind/body/spirit.

  • Our Specialists

    We have assembled a diverse array of talent to serve a wide spectrum of wellness needs. Please browse the bios below to learn more about our wonderful practitioners. BWC is grateful to our dedicated teachers!


    To read more, hover over each portrait to be taken to their complete bio.

    Luke is a man of compassion on a never-ending journey of discovery. A KRI certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, Luke is passionate about helping people to empower themselves through these transformative practices so that they can live authentically as their True expression. As a certified recovery coach through Recovery 2.0 with Tommy Rosen, Luke is dedicated to helping people to uncover the unconscious patterns driving their thought process and behavior, to cultivate awareness of past conditioning, and to step into greater freedom and ease of being. Additional Yoga training with various Indian and international yogic masters, including Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga, and Kia Miller, founder of Radiant Body Yoga, have forged Luke into a seeker of Truth, who embraces a holistic approach to wellbeing. Having taught yoga and meditation internationally since 2016 in locations such as Costa Rica, California, and New Mexico, Luke is excited to bring these teachings to Fredericton. “I first experienced these practices in 2015 on a Recovery 2.0 retreat in Costa Rica. I had been struggling with depression and substance use disorder for many years, and after just a few days of practicing Kundalini Yoga and meditation, I experienced a profound awakening. My self-defeating, negative, mental thought loops finally quieted down and I was able to access the beauty which is always present. I reconnected with the core of who I really am, a loving person who cares deeply for the wellbeing of himself and others. I began a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation upon arriving home, and eight months later I enrolled in a month long immersive teacher training led by direct students of Yogi Bhajan, in order to share with others what has been so impactful in my own experience.” -Luke McKim

    Shiona McIntosh-Mindfulness teacher


    Meditation @ Noon

    Mindful MDs

    MBSR 8 week program

    Yoga has been part of my life for over 8 years now.  Growing up with athletic based exercise, I thought yoga did not fit into my schedule because who has time for “just a stretching class”.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  Yoga has help me become stronger and more flexible both physically and mentally.  As I move through life with my husband and two busy teenage boys, I have become so much more aware of how yoga can help so many aspects of peoples everyday life whether its helping with postures from sitting at a desk, prevention of injuries in sports ( and really, life in general) or even stress reduction.  The list goes on.   I completed my 200 hour vinyasa based training through Breathing Space with founders Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass.  This includes a double certification of 200 hour yoga teacher training along with Yoga in Schools certification.  Their teachings on and off of the mat are inspirational.  I will always be a student of the practice as I crave to learn more about the other disciplines of yoga that I have experienced in attending classes over the years and bring it back to the mat to share with my clients.  My classes provide informative sequential movement, with a bit of playfulness,  bringing the mind, body and breath together, leaving you refreshed , nourished and balanced.  Classes are for ALL ages and ALL levels, encouraging modifications when necessary and the use of props for support. Making the practice accessible for all, meeting people where they are, as they are, is one of my biggest goals, breaking the “I could never do yoga” barrier.

    Beth O'Donnell- yoga teacher

    Flow Yoga

    Denise has been teaching yoga at GoodLife Fitness for two years.  She began her yoga path with YogaFit, the largest yoga school in North America.  It started as a complement to BodyPump, which she also teaches at GoodLife Fitness.  It has taken her down a path to a 200-hour RYT certificate, and 100 hours of Warriors (trauma sensitive) training.  She teaches a Vinyasa style yoga, but loves a slow-flow, that is safe and adaptable for a wide range of fitness levels and age groups.  She loves to learn, and is planning on continuing with further training in the future.  She enjoys a very healthy and fit lifestyle and her five grandchildren call her Nene.

    Denise Anderson-yoga teacher

    Introduction to Yoga

    Flow & Yin Yoga

    I am a teacher who also teaches yoga. I am passionate about this practice and the healing found within its domain. I am a survivor of numerous physical injuries and have many times noted how ‘yoga has saved me’ (and on many levels!). After practicing yoga for over 20 years, a long-time dream of mine to become a certified yoga instructor has been fulfilled and the journey of self-discovery and helping others continues for me on another level. I have learned that the joy and contentment we are able to access from within when we are on our mats is something of a different level than what we find out in our everyday world. Anyone else feel this way when they make it to their mat? The power to choose is incredible. Every time we choose to practice, we nurture ourselves and through our practice we are able to access and pull happy and good and nice right into our world. Yoga has incredible power, if only we choose to tap into it, we can reap its endless bounty. Yoga offers time and space that is yours alone. One of the best gifts of this practice is how we learn about ourselves by spending time with ourselves. We learn about our edge, our limitations, our true self, and we remember our divine essence and we connect with ourselves. Remembering and seeing how beautiful we really are, we leave our shared practice feeling connected, healed, and ready to sprinkle our feel-good to others and truly be the change we want to see in this world. The world needs calm, loving, kind, happy people. In our busy, hectic lives we need to squeeze this in. It matters because you matter and you deserve to know the very best version of you who you can present confidently out there to the rest of the world to shine brightly in all your glory and beauty. So come get yours, feel supported and safe, then come back for more soon. ~Namaste, friends. *Beth presently teaches a Vinyasa gentle flow class, chair yoga, and kid’s yoga. Her next goal is to become certified in Yin Yoga. * Services are offered in both English and French

    Beth Whalen- yoga teacher, Mindfulness Practices


    Chair Yoga

    Yoga & Mindfulness

    Emelie Hubert- yoga teacher

    Yin Yoga

    My yoga journey started at a young age, with my Aunt Martha teaching yoga in her own studio as a Master Hatha Yoga Instructor. During my thirties, my yoga practices stopped while raising 4 active teenagers and working full time. In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and resumed my yoga practice during my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. According to my doctors, my recovery was exceptional, and in large part, credit yoga, mediation and staying positive for my gift of life. After my full recovery, I wanted to give back, and help others going through cancer treatments. After discussions with my two yoga mentors (Emelie and Amanda), I decided to attend Kripalu School of Yoga for my initial 200 hours yoga training and I have not looked back since. Yoga is a special gift in life, and I want to share it with all interested in the practice. The joy, peace and inner-self connection of yoga is what the world could use more of today.

    Betsy Griswold- yoga teacher

    Gentle Kripalu Yoga & Yoga 4 Cancer

    After completing her 200 hr yoga certification with Jenny Kierstead in 2008, Sandy soon went on to do teacher training with Jennifer Reiss, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, as well as with master teacher, Judith Lasater, Restorative Yoga. Sandy is passionate about helping others ‘still the mind’ while moving towards healing and transformation. In the past eight years Sandy has successfully introduced yoga nidra to students of all ages in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. In the interest of continued studies and expansion of her own knowledge base, she has studied with Jim Hopper (Kripalu), Buddhism & Yoga: Harnessing Key Brain Circuitries for Healing & Happiness, as well she has recently been attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher with Jocelyn Clark (Fredericton).

    Sandy Lund-yoga Teacher


    Yoga Nidra

    Cynthia began her study of yoga with Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio and has benefitted greatly from further work and study with Stephanie Calhoun and Paul Grilley. She has also undertaken studies in Ayurveda and ayur yoga with Stephanie Calhoun and through Kripalu and continues advanced work with Paul Grilley, as well as various yoga teacher training workshops.  Also during the past few years, Cynthia has devoted herself to the study and practice of Buddhism. Most recently, she completed a two year intensive meditation and study program with True North Insight. In the fall, she will begin a Mentorship Program for insight/vipassana meditation teachers, again through TNI. Cynthia teaches hatha vinyasa and yin yoga, both with an Ayurvedic approach. A firm believer in the unique characteristics of each student, her classes are accessible to all. She seeks to provide a safe and supportive environment where each person can find balance of body, mind and spirit through the practice of yoga.

    Cynthia Davis-yoga teacher

    Flow & Let Go, Yin Yoga

     Margo Bent is an active senior who is currently qualified to teach Chair Yoga, and to lead Laughter Yoga Classes. She also has achieved her Reiki Level 2 certificate. Always interested in wellness and health care strategies, Margo began her career as a Professional Dietitian. She operated a successful practice in Fredericton as a Nutrition Consultant from 1979 to 1996 when she moved to Nova Scotia to be closer to aging relatives. During the early years in Nova Scotia, Margo volunteered with many health - related community groups, and taught the “You Count, Calories Don’t” program.  From 2001 – 2011, Margo switched directions and opened a small clothing store known as “The Clothes Basket” which featured clothing made in Atlantic Canada. In 2012, she went back to her Home Economics roots and developed “Nona’s Preserves”, creating a line of specialty jams, jellies and fruit vinegars, which eventually found their way into the retail market, and which can be found at select locations in Nova Scotia until supplies run out. (Production may possibly resume in Fredericton this fall.) After participating in Chair Yoga classes for many years, and realizing the many benefits to her aging body, Margo decided to participate in a teacher training program so that she could share these benefits with others. She has found that she loves teaching chair yoga at many different levels from beginner to advanced and particularly enjoys teaching clients in nursing homes, both those who are mobile and those confined to wheelchairs.  Since wellness is more than just exercise and nutrition, qualifying as a  Laughter Yoga Leader came next, and sometimes this practice finds its way into Margo’s Chair Yoga classes in subtle ways, as part of her firm belief that physical movement should be joyful, not painful. Margo has recently returned to Fredericton to live and is looking forward to reconnecting with friends and family, and to continue to develop her lifelong loves of learning and teaching. Contact: margo.chairyoga@gmail.com or text 902-955-1467

    Margo Bent- Chair yoga instructor


    Chair Yoga

    Pamela Hamilton has been engaged in Yoga practice for over 35 years and is grateful to Anne Van Durmen, her first instructor in London ON, for deeply nourishing her love of various styles of yoga. Pamela’s practice includes Yang, Yin and Meditation. In 2019, a desire to deepen her practice led Pamela to complete the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at SemperViva Yoga (since closed) in Vancouver, BC. This was followed, in 2020, by the opportunity to attain certification as a Yin Teacher, with Dianna Batts and Bernie Clark (author, teacher and creator of YinYogaa.com) and to study Meditation with Nathalie Keiller. Pamela credits Yoga and Meditation (and her surgeon) for her recovery from a shattered tibial plateau in 2017 and  navigating the current COVID-19 pandemic with equanimity. Although it was not her plan to teach, Pamela is excited to embark on doing just that, at Brookside Wellness Centre, to offer her guidance in the self-discovery that is the practice of Yoga. Pamela gratefully acknowledges Emelie Hubert and Shiona McIntosh for their encouragement and support.

    Pamela Hamilton-yoga teacher


    Yin Yoga

    Bio: Retired CAF Medical Technician turned Yogi and Naturopath. When I originally took teacher teaching I had no intention of ever teaching anyone else, it was for my own personal journey toward health and wellness. The benefits of yoga quickly become apparent in my own personal transformation so not sharing it with others suddenly felt like withholding a beautiful gift of healing, peace and empowerment... Yoga reminded me that healing, change, happiness etc all start inside. Connecting with body and quieting the mind bring you back to yourself. A few moments of stillness a week will truly transform your life, doing it together reminds us we're never alone on the road 💗

    Candace Raynes-yoga teacher


    Yin Yoga

    Bev’s strong interest in yoga philosophy took her to India in 2017 to practice and learn more. During this time, she learned how to blend traditional yogic practices with modern-day life, both on and off the mat. She learned that yoga benefits everyone regardless of shape, size, age, or health. In addition to her 200 hour teacher training, she is also Yoga for All certified, focusing on making yoga accessible to everyone. Her interest lies in slow, mindful practices incorporating mindfulness, breath work, and light asana.

    Bev Matthewson-yoga teacher


    Lunchtime Breather

    Nancy brings 20 years of teaching yoga and meditation and well over 1,000 training hours to her classes.  Most of her teaching experience involves working with pain management, stress management, pre- and post-natal yoga, and various physical limitations.  Her trainings in specialty areas include yoga for a better back, pre- and post-natal yoga, yoga for breast health, yoga for the aging body, yoga for arthritis, and yin yoga.  She has also completed both Level 1 and Level 2 of teacher training for iRest yoga nidra meditation.  Her yoga classes are gentle and inherently mindful, and each class ends with a guided meditation and then resting in silence.  She also offers private and semi-private sessions to those who wish to develop a home practice or who wish to learn how to adapt yoga poses to better fit their particular needs while in class.  Beyond yoga, Nancy holds a B.A. in French with a minor in psychology and a B.Ed. in French as a Second Language with a minor in educational psychology and is the mother of a teenager and a young adult.  Maintains Yoga Alliance accreditation.

    Nancy Anderson-Guest yoga teacher


    I Rest Yoga Nidra

    Sally discovered Nia in Tatmagouche, Nova Scotia in the Spring of 2015 at a weekend Moving To Heal Retreat.Nia spoke to her after the first song. She searched for Nia teachers in Fredericton and found that the only person who had a Nia certification was not teaching it.This led Sally to search out every opportunity to find Nia when she travelled to other parts of Canada.During her search she discovered the NIA PALOOZA weekend in London Ontario.She travelled there for the annual Palooza weekend in May 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.In November 2017 Sally travelled to Lansing, Michigan, to take her NIA WHITE BELT training under the guidance of master black belt Winalee Zeeb. Sally’s love for movement with music is unparalleled. Sally has offered classes throughout Fredericton in several spaces and as part of wellness initiatives in workplaces since May 2018.Covid in 2020 precluded live classes. Sally looks forward to sharing Nia’s guided moves with you. You will be guided through the graceful moves that Nia provides and you will feel the joy and peace that your body feels as you move. Every body needs to listen to its own rhythms and needs. Nia fully supports this. Nia improves your mobility, dexterity and agility. 

    Sally Wells-Guest NIA teacher



    Carla ‘Kat’ Sheppard ‘accidently’ discovered Dolores Cannon and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) in the summer of 2017.  She was immediately intrigued by Dolores and admired her as a pioneer and trail blazer in her field.  Dolores started out as a past-life regressionist and evolved into a metaphysical expert over her 50-year career.  Dolores bravely shared her discoveries from QHHT sessions in interviews, conferences and within her 17 published books.  Carla became a QHHT practitioner in Spring 2018 and found that QHHT works just as Dolores Cannon had explained.  QHHT provides the client with exactly what they need at the time.  This is because the information being accessed in these hypnosis sessions is coming directly from the Clients Higher Self/Soul Self.  “The Higher Self is the part of ourselves that is trying to talk to us all the time, but we typically dismiss the information.  This is the part of Self that has all the information we need to lead healthy, fulfilled lives.”     In addition to QHHT, Carla discovered Beyond Quantum Hypnosis (BQH) and became certified. This training was developed by Candace Craw-Goldman who was an original student of Dolores Cannon.  BQH fosters the belief that every practitioner has a unique set of talents and encourages the incorporation of all their modalities into a BQH session.  These sessions can also be offered online which allows for an individualized and accessible experience.  Carla also avidly studies the power of the human mind and knows how easily we create joyous lives when the heart, mind and soul are in connection.  This helps clients allow all the benefit of the hypnosis sessions into their everyday lives.  Should you wish to obtain more information, please contact Carla at katshep444@gmail.com or by phone (506) 262-7747.

    Carla "Kat" Sheppard-Quantum Hypnosis


    Kayte Turner- yoga teacher


    Yin Yoga

    Luke is a man of compassion on a never-ending journey of discovery. A KRI certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation teacher, Luke is passionate about helping people to empower themselves through these transformative practices so that they can live authentically as their True expression. As a certified recovery coach through Recovery 2.0 with Tommy Rosen, Luke is dedicated to helping people to uncover the unconscious patterns driving their thought process and behavior, to cultivate awareness of past conditioning, and to step into greater freedom and ease of being. Additional Yoga training with various Indian and international yogic masters, including Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga, and Kia Miller, founder of Radiant Body Yoga, have forged Luke into a seeker of Truth, who embraces a holistic approach to wellbeing. Having taught yoga and meditation internationally since 2016 in locations such as Costa Rica, California, and New Mexico, Luke is excited to bring these teachings to Fredericton. “I first experienced these practices in 2015 on a Recovery 2.0 retreat in Costa Rica. I had been struggling with depression and substance use disorder for many years, and after just a few days of practicing Kundalini Yoga and meditation, I experienced a profound awakening. My self-defeating, negative, mental thought loops finally quieted down and I was able to access the beauty which is always present. I reconnected with the core of who I really am, a loving person who cares deeply for the wellbeing of himself and others. I began a daily practice of Kundalini Yoga and meditation upon arriving home, and eight months later I enrolled in a month long immersive teacher training led by direct students of Yogi Bhajan, in order to share with others what has been so impactful in my own experience.” -Luke McKim

    Luke McKim-yoga teacher


    Kundalini Yoga

  • Stimulating the mind to look past its habitual patterns.

  • F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What changes have been made to BWC operations due to Covid-19?

    Coming to BWC? Here’s what you need to know:


    -if you have any symptoms suggestive of Covid-19, please stay home and call 811 for further instructions


    -we are restricting use of some of our studio yoga props at this time. Please bring the following items to class with you if you can. Consider packing your yoga bag ahead of time with these necessary items:

    -yoga mat

    -warm, heavy blanket

    -towel to cover neck pillows

    -Queen or King sized pillowcase(s) to place over your yoga bolster

    -water bottle


    -We must limit class sizes due to Covid-19. Therefore we are requiring that you email your teacher beforehand to secure a spot. You will be asked to e transfer payment for your classes ahead of time (if possible) to allow us a more cash-less system, and to allow for more efficiency at the door as you arrive


    -Please arrive 15 minutes before your class to allow all students and teacher time to get settled. We also need to review Covid screening with you before you enter the studio when in Orange Phase.Two people are allowed in the lobby at one time.


    -When you arrive at BWC, markers have been placed to remind you to physically distance six feet from each other at all times.


    -Masks are now mandatory for yoga classes during Orange phase. However, there may be some times during classes when masks can be safely removed.


    -You must sanitize your hands at the door when you arrive, and also before you take any props from the prop room


    -There will only be one person in the prop room at a time. Please be patient as you wait your turn.


    -After class, all BWC gear that you used is to be left on the studio floor. Your teacher will clean everything and put it away, according to protocol


    -Please come back as often as you can and take your lessons from the yoga mat home with you to share with others! Thank You!!


    What hours are you open?

    Mindfulness & Yoga- We are only open during scheduled class/workshop times. You are welcome to drop in to attend classes but if you have questions it is best to contact us prior to a visit as teachers will often be teaching and unavailable for general inquiries.


    For Carla- please contact Carla to set up an appointment. Daytime hours and online sessions available.




    How do I sign up?

    Due to Covid-19, you must pre register for all classes due to space restrictions. Please get in touch with the teacher of the class you'd like to attend, and they will let you know if there is a space for you.


    Mindfulness 8 week program requires pre-registration via the website at www.bwcfredericton.com


    Hypnosis sessions- contact Carla at katshep444@gmail.com

    Do you offer private classes?

    Yes! Some of our teachers offer private one on one lessons. If this is of interest to you, please email the teacher directly to inquire about scheduling and cost.

    What do I bring to class?

    DUE TO COVID-19 we are restricting access to our studio props. Please see the list of instructions included in the FAQ question about changes in BWC operations. Use of studio blocks,straps and bolsters still available but you must bring a pillowcase or towel in order to use our bolsters and neck pillows. Thank you for your patience as we all work through this together


    What should I wear?

    Dress comfortably in loose, stretchy clothes that allow you to breathe and move freely.

    Are there change rooms?

    Yes! You can change in our bathroom!

    Studio Etiquette

    1. Arrive 5-15 min prior to class.
    2. Enter & arrange props quietly.
    3. Save discussions for after class.
    4. Turn off devices (not vibrate).
    5. Don't judge yourself or others for forgetting any of these, we are all here to have fun and grow :)

    Is BWC a scent free space?

    We use natural unscented products to clean the studio and props. We occasionally host an essential oil workshop, but do not use diffusers in the studio on a regular basis.

    Please be aware of the effect your scented body products may have on others!


  • Creating an environment which is welcoming and free of judgments.

  • Contact Us

    Brookside Mall 435 Brookside Dr, Fredericton, NB E3A 8V4, Canada


    WE do not have a telephone and are open only during class times or by appointment! Please send an email to general email or contact individual teacher

    If you'd like to receive our monthly NEWSLETTER direct to your inbox, please send an email and we'll deliver!


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