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  • March Schedule

    At BWC we firmly believe that what we have to offer in terms of our classes and workshops will help you build your tools of resilience and flexibility to battle whatever life throws at you. You will be well cared for by all of our teachers, whatever class you choose.

    Please pay attention to our Facebook page for any last minute changes, additions or cancellations.

    Pre-registration is still a MUST as we limit numbers in each class. Please see our Student Information Page for a review of the current studio protocols. You can contact your teacher with any additional questions or concerns.

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    Special Announcement

    Upcoming Retreat in Scotland, spring 2024

    And now there is a website too: www.nourish-flourish.ca

  • It's not about what you get, but how you are with what you have

    Barry Boyce

  • Class Descriptions

    Please contact the individual teacher to PRE-REGISTER for ALL classes or with any questions you may have about that class


    Yoga Classes: variable prices, see Teacher Information page.

    Payment: E transfer or Cash (E Transfer is preferred)


    Scroll to end of class descriptions for SPECIAL ADDITIONS for this month



    Beginner Gentle Yoga

    Gentle yoga is a wonderful way to increase flexibility and strength, reduce stress, and become more balanced in all aspects of your life. As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Betsy can provide beginners with a great deal of insight and guidance as you practice yoga. Betsy will answer your questions during your class, as well as help you achieve the proper posture for each pose in a knowledgeable yet kind, friendly, and compassionate environment.

    Through various key postures, each class will focus on:

    • Basics and Foundations of Yoga

    • Injury Prevention

    • Grounding Techniques

    • Self-awareness Development

    • Immune System Strengthening

    • Breath, Mindfulness & Meditation Techniques

    • Breakdown Proper Alignment of Postures (Asanas)

    • Explore Mental, Emotional & Energetic Effects


    With Betsy- betsy@yogabybetsy.com




    Chair Yoga

    Chair Yoga with Margo combines both fully seated and chair or wall supported standing poses and provides a wonderful stretching and strengthening experience for challenged bodies. Gentle movement, deep breathing, and an awareness of posture are key elements. A few strengthening exercises and meditative relaxation complete each class.


    Class times

    Mondays 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

    Wednesdays 1:00 - 2:00 pm


    Cost is 12$/class

    Pre-registration is required.


    With Margo: margo.chairyoga@gmail.com

    Chair Yoga and More (Facebook)

    text - 902 955 1467




    Flow and Restore


    Join Sherry Younker RMT, RYT for this 75 minute class. This class is designed to slowly build from the ground up. We'll start wtih preparing the body and breath, and stack and flow the basic poses to a peak that is both accessible and nourishing. We'll then wind the mindbody down and complete the class with slow stretches and deep rest practices to restore and balance the system. Classes will have an area of focus each week, but will move and breathe the entire body. Some yoga experience required. Flows may be modified or omitted to suit your needs, but we will spend time on the wrists and knees. The final rest pose will be an extended restorative practice to best prepare for sleep. I can't wait to practice with you!


    Pre-registration is required to secure your space. Space for drop-in attendance may vary week to week. Please email Sherry.younker@gmail.com a minimum of 6 hours prior to class to confirm availability.


    Investment: $80 +HST for 5 weeks, or $20 to drop in.

    Registration Link here.

    With Sherry Sherry.younker@gmail.com 



    Flow and Stretch 75


    Come along Sunday evenings to round out the weekend with a 75 minute flow to refresh, rejuvenate and relax you into the week ahead! This series is designed to meet all levels of yogis, offering modifications and opportunity to challenge the body and breath in unity. We will move through a heat building sequence to stoke fire into the body, adventure in balancing poses, guide our bodies through deep stretching and tap into sensations along the way We will invite playfulness, curiosity and stillness into our practice. Building relationship between body, breath and mind we come together in community. Each practice will offer a longer savasana to guide you to stillness to integrate all that we’ve moved through and let go of what is no longer serving you. Some practices may include a guided meditation.


    Sundays 6:30pm-7:45pm

    March 10th, 17th and 24th

    April 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th


    Investment: 7 class series @$126, drop in $22

    Register: erin.gibbs@outlook.com by Friday March 8th, drop ins weekly by Sunday at 12pm





    Gentle Yoga- Rest and Renew

    We start with a centering to bring us to our practice and then move into a gentle yoga practice that facilitates tension release, replenishes and helps to stabilize joints, and increases overall mobility. Adjustments are made to accommodate all bodies so this class is accessible to anybody and is as good for people new to yoga as it is for people who have been practicing for years. Focus is on building awareness in your practice and developing an understanding of what works best for you. A variety of yoga styles may be practiced, and we finish each class with an extended savasana (relaxation)


    With Nancy- nancyanderson1002@gmail.com




    Mama Core  

    This class will focus specifically on the core and muscles of the pelvic floor, the Connection Breath, and how to engage and strengthen these muscles after pregnancy. Exercises will be adjusted based on variables such as current activity level, time since delivery, and any other issues that may be present.
    Babies of all ages are welcome to attend classes, as well as their older siblings. Babies are unpredictable and have needs- it is our goal to create an environment where meeting the needs of your baby is a priority!


    Investment: 80$
    With Krista- babybumpmoments@gmail.com


    Meditation @Noon

    This is a guided mid-week Mindfulness meditation to help you connect with present moment awareness through guided seated meditation. Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment with openness and curiosity and a willingness to be with things as they are. Open to the public and no prior meditation experience is required.

    Entrance is by donation.

    If you'd like to participate virtually, I'd love to have you join us. Please email ahead of time to pre-register, and I'll give you the Zoom link. If you are making a donation, you can e-transfer to the email address listed below. Please sign on by 12:10 if you are joining by Zoom.


    With Shiona- mindfulnessandyourhealth@gmail.com


    Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)


    This is an 8 week program taught twice per year by Shiona, a certified MBSR teacher. Information detailing the program can be found by clicking on the Mindfulness tab at the very top of this page, or by going to the website at www.bwcfredericton.com


    With Shiona- mindfulnessandyourhealth@gmail.com




    Mindfulness for Accountants

    This is a special once monthly program for an accounting firm here in Fredericton. It is a closed group for staff members only. Focus is on mindfulness education, and fostering an understanding of how the elements of mindfulness can be so incredibly helpful in a busy, stressful workplace environment. Classes consist of a blend of education and guided practice.


    With Shiona- mindfulnessandyourhealth@gmail.com

    Restorative and Yoga Nidra

    Yoga Nidra is deep rest for the body, mind and spirit. Similar to guided meditation, this practice is a restorative style of yoga that takes the student beyond relaxation accessing all levels of being. Sandy uses Restorative Yoga postures to prepare the body rest and surrender. Sandy has been guiding students to calmness and wellbeing since 2008 helping them access deep peace, intuition and joy. In addition, as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Sandy holds space for her students using ancient symbols to help transmit Universal healing energy. Nothing to do but lie down, listen and receive.

    No experience is necessary


    Regular classes during the week are 60 minutes. Longer 90 minute classes on occasion


    With Sandy- sandyjlund@yahoo.com


    Sound Healing Journey, Group Reiki and Guided Meditation ( monthly offering)

    Let your cares go and sink into the relaxing and healing sounds of resonant instruments, infused with a little chanting, reiki and drumming.

    Together we will raise our vibrations and let our inner moonbeams shine brightly!

    About Sound Journeys:Sound journeys massage our bodies, minds and spirits with healing sounds. This can help our noisy "monkey minds" get quiet as we shift to a Theta brainwave state from our usual Beta and Alpha states.This is where we relax deeply and experience peace and healing on a cellular level.

    What to expect:Plan on relaxing in a way that ordinary life can make it hard to do. Come without expectations of yourself or others and bring an open mind and heart.We will set our personal intentions, and direct our collective energy to release our inner light and highest frequency for the world.This will be a sensory fusion of nature sounds and deep vibrations. A 32" wind gong, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, Ocean Drum, hand drum, bells and more will be used during this sound meditation experience to bathe you in beautiful resonance!

    We will also start you on this journey with a guided meditation and infuse the morning with healing holy fire reiki healing.
    Your guides: Tracey Underhill and Krista Sartoris
    Investment: 22$


    To register: transform.holistichealth@gmail.com

    Yin Yoga

    A 90-min Yin Yoga practice suitable for all ages and experience levels. This practice is designed to create awareness of the deeper tissues including the network of fascia that connects our bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles and supports the organs. We move into and out of the postures slowly and hold them for 3-7 minutes. Holding a position enables us to take stock of what and where we feel sensations, adjust as appropriate and then relax into stillness in the posture. Breath Coaching is also provided which helps us focus on specific areas of tension and recover mobility where it has been lost. No two bodies are alike and in fact our bodies are different left to right. This practice ensures a deeper experience for each student - no two will look alike in any posture and we use props to suit each individual experience.


    With Pamela- hamilton.pj9@gmail.com


    Yoga Flow (mixed day and time series)

    This Yoga Flow series will support us to hydrate, remodel, and strengthen our fascia (connective tissue that connects and separates everything in the body from head to toe). By moving through flows that have been intentionally developed to target certain fascial lines in the body these practices will nurture our bodies back into balance as we invite in compression and tension along each line while staying connected to breath.


    If you’ve practiced with Erin as your guide before these practices will have familiarity as well as new, bringing in challenge, adventure and focus into the practice while always encouraging you to come home to yourself on the mat, finding rest when you need.


    Wednesday March 6th 5:30pm-6:30pm

    Wednesday March 13th 5:30pm-6:30pm

    Monday March 18th 7:00pm-8:00pm

    Tuesday March 19th 7:00pm-8:00pm

    Sunday March 24th 5:00pm-6:00pm

    Thursday March 28th 9:00am-10:00am


    Investment: 6 class series @ $96 *register for a minimum of 4 classes @$16/class prepaid, drop in $18

    Register: erin.gibbs@outlook.com by Sunday March 3rd



    Special Additions

    Candlelit Gentle Yoga


    This gentle, low to the ground candlelit practice will offer slow movement, gentle stretch and restorative poses to soften you into readiness for rest.


    Wednesday March 13th 7:00pm-8:00pm


    Investment: Pay What You Will

    Register: erin.gibbs@outlook.com by Tuesday March 12th


    Coming Home- an Elemental Journey


    Death Café

    A Death Café is a gathering of adults who want to talk about death and dying in a supportive, respectful, and confidential space.


    The goal of attending a Death Café is to become more comfortable thinking and talking about death and dying so you can be more at ease when engaging in conversations with your loved ones about your wishes or theirs.


    Death Cafés are free (donations gratefully accepted) and open to, and respectful of, people from all communities and belief systems.


    A Death Café is not a bereavement support group or grief counselling.


    Your hosts: Anne Marie Hartford and Karen Lake


    For more information or to pre-register: deathinformationandeducation@gmail.com


    HomeBody- An Elemental Journey

    Join Breagh for a unique opportunity to deepen into the Self through an embodied experience of the Elements. Participants will explore the grounding qualities of Earth, creativity of Water, strength of Fire, and expansiveness of Air through yoga and intuitive movement. The workshop will finish in rest, allowing for a sense of harmony and balance to be restored within the body, with an opportunity to journal and share experiences.
    Participants are encouraged to bring a water bottle, journal, and any small nature items that represent the Elements to be placed at the front of your mat. Yoga mats and props are available at the studio.

    Cost: sliding scale payment $15-$25, paid in cash or by e-transfer
    To register: email breagh.yoga@gmail.com


    Pranayama: Harnessing the Power of Breath


    Join our Pranayama Workshop for an enriching journey into the ancient practice of controlled breathing. Led by Kris Murphy, E-RYT-800 hr yoga teacher, this class offers a serene environment where you can explore various breathing techniques to invigorate the body, calm the mind, and foster a deeper connection with your inner self. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned practitioner, come cultivate mindfulness, enhance vitality, and experience the transformative power of conscious breathing.
    About Kris:
    Kris Murphy is a multifaceted individual whose journey is deeply rooted in the pursuit of holistic well-being and spiritual growth. With 800 hours of yoga teacher training under her belt, Kris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her classes, guiding students with compassion and expertise. Her dedication to personal development led her to embark on a transformative spiritual immersion in Rishikesh, India, in 2023, where she delved into the ancient practices and wisdom of yoga. Beyond yoga, Kris is also a seasoned martial artist, holding a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo, a testament to her discipline and commitment to physical mastery. Through her diverse background and understanding of mind-body practices, Kris inspires others to embark on their own journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.


    Register at: Outlaw Yoga North - Schedule 
    Cost: 25$


    Sound Bath pre Spring Equinox for Manifestation and inward healing   


    As we approach the new moon leading up to the Spring Equinox it’s time to plant some seeds and set our goals and healing intentions for the Spring and Summer ahead. The year of Wood Dragon and even numbers Is supporting us, the last few years have been rather turbulent but it how’s allowed for so much growth and healing. We can now set seeds from this growth and change and walk further into our power.
    The Alchemy Sound Bowls have the purest vibrational tones. An Alchemy sound therapy session stimulates the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It can relieve stress, and emotional imbalances and address physical complaints by accessing and activating your own inner healing power. Being supported by the safe space, while the pure tones of the alchemy crystal tones surround you charging your cells and soothing the mind deeply relaxing and energizing you. An alchemy Sound meditation can balance the chakras & naturally allow the body to regenerate at a cellular level, enhancing our ability to enter a meditative state. The harmonic frequencies of the bowls promote healing, introspection & deep relaxation.
    The Alchemy Crystal singing bowls sound therapy is a truly restorative experience for mind, body & spirit. These sessions allow the body to completely surrender to the vibration of the Sound and to this journey of healing and restoration. The session will include Somatic Therapy Exercises, mindfulness meditation leading into the Purest tones of the Alchemy Signing Bowls, you'll meet the ocean bowl, the goddess bowl, the anxiety balancing bowl, the moon bowl and the grandmother bowl and many other sound instruments. Come wearing loose comfortable clothing, a bottle of water, a notebook and an open heart.


    Cost: $40
    Space is limited please book your space www.leemillersparkofawareness.com/bookaoneononegroupclass
    Your host: Lee Miller


    Spring Equinox Celebration


    Join Breagh and Shinaid in celebration of the Spring Equinox. Welcoming an activation of body, spirit, and creativity through yoga, cacao, song, and altar making. Let's plant the seeds of the budding spring season together.
    You are encouraged to bring any items for altar making such as stones, feathers, jewelry, sacred items, etc. All yoga mats and props will be provided.

    Minimum Suggested Donation $25
    To register: email earthsolceramics@gmail.com



    The Foundations of Mindfulness


    The Four Foundations of Mindfulness is a core teaching in Buddhism. Over 5 monthly half days of practice we’ll explore mindfulness of the body, feeling tones, the mind and of phonemena themselves (dhammas).
    There will be guided meditations, talks and time for discussion, as well as walking meditation and some time to meditate on your own. The Buddha taught that the opportunity to practice in this way can help us to see more deeply into the qualities of the heart and mind that can lead us to greater wisdom and compassion in our lives.
    The cost is $125 for all 5 modules or $30 for each one if attending all 5 does not work for you. The dates are:
    Saturday, Jan. 20, 1 - 4 pm
    Saturday, Feb. 24, 1 - 4 pm
    Saturday, Mar. 23, 1 - 4 pm
    Saturday, April 20, 1 - 4 pm
    Saturday, May 25, 1 - 4 pm


    We will be meeting at Brookside Wellness Centre which has everything we need for practice. This program is suitable for all meditators whatever your level of experience!


    If you wish to register or have any questions, please contact me via email


    With Cynthia- samking@nb.sympatico.ca



  •  Cultivating attitudes of acceptance and patience towards our body.

  • Our Services

    Offering the essentials of a holistic wellness lifestyle BWC brings you everything needed to restore your mind and body to its optimum health.

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    Ayurvedic Services- with Janet McGeachy

    506 461 9520-text or call to book




    A traditional Ayurvedic full-body massage may reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and relieve muscle aches and pains. This massage brings nourishment to the tissues, deep relaxation to the muscles and calmness to the mind; while supporting the immune and nervous systems



    Warm herbalized oil is gently streamed over the forehead & “third eye” to relieve tension, worry and soothe the nervous system. This works on balancing and stabilizing the activity of the mind and is good for stress, anxiety, insomnia as it often supports deep relaxation.


    Marma Body Work

    By combining massage, pranic healing & essential oils Marma helps to restore the flow of prana (energy) & supports healing by using the 107 energy points of the body.



    Soothing facial to nurture & restore balance of the skin while working with energy points to provide tone to facial muscles. Combines marma and reflexology points.


    Stress Management, Relaxation Therapy & Yoga Nidra

    HeartMath and other mindfulness-based work to offer additional resources to manage on-going stress and impacts of stress. Will be offered through teaching and guided relaxation to support self-care;


    Price List


    Stress Management & Relaxation (mindfulness)* 1 hr. $110 (talk therapy/ guided relaxation)


    Indian Head Massage* 30 min. $45


    Facial Marma & Reflexology * 30 min. $45

    ** can be combined to a 1 hour session $90


    Ayurvedic body work:

    Abhyanga (full body massage with herb-infused oils) $90 (60 minutes)


    Shirodhara (pouring oil on forehead to relax and restore) $90 (60 minutes )


    Marma Session (use of infused oils & 107 Energy points) $90 (60 minutes )



    Abhyanga & Shirodhara (full body and oil pouring) $110 (60 minutes )


    * Some insurances accepted*

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    Mindfulness is all about learning to stay connected to the current moment and increasing your awareness of ingrained patterns of thinking and behaviour. If we can learn to recognize when our “doing mind” takes over, this will allow us to respond rather than react to whatever situation it is that we are in. Think of all the wasted mental energy spent dwelling in the past or living in the future. Both of these patterns of thinking can take away from our life which is unfolding only in the present moment.


    MINDFULNESS 8 week program with Shiona
    To read about the program and sign up, go to www.bwcfredericton.com or to Mindfulness tab in Menu Bar at top of page.


    Mindfulness consultations- available with Shiona who is an experienced Mindfulness instructor. If you are feeling stuck in your practice, are lacking motivation or inspiration, or simply don't know how to get started, contact Shiona to help you brainstorm ways to revitalize your meditation practice.


    Mindfulness and Yoga programs- four week programs are often offered at BWC. Shiona and Beth often team up for these or one-off pop up classes. Beth is also an experienced Mindfulness practitioner, and has certification in the Mindful Schools program.


    Mindful MD program- a four week program for practicing or retired MDs, now being offered around the province, currently in English only. If interested, email Shiona at mindfulnessandyourhealth@gmail.com


    Community Mindfulness programs- we are keen to help out in whatever way we can by spreading the word about the benefits of Mindfulness across all sectors. Please ask us if your group or workplace is interested in a Mindfulness presentation or workshop.

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    Reiki in The Reiki Room

    BWC is proud to offer a full slate of Reiki offerings. We are filling up The Reiki Room with great practitioners and wonderful energy.


    Rose Flynn is an Integrative Intuitive Reiki Master Healer and certified Relexologist. She also offers Access Consciousness (bars) and Emotion Code work. You will find Rose at BWC on Wednesdays, and she also works in Cross Creek throughout the week.

    To contact Rose:

    Reiki Rose and Reflexology (Facebook)


    506 261 1112


    Our lovely Chair Yoga teacher, Margo Bent , has completed her advanced Reiki Level 3A training. Her focus is "Relax with Reiki". Margo will be booking clients on selected Monday afternoons. Rate for a 50 minute Reiki session is $50.

    To book with Margo: reikiwithmargo@gmail.com



    Home of Reiki is a two person business, featuring Shiona McIntosh and Sandy Lund, both Reiki Masters who have paired their passion for Reiki and wellness. Shiona will be offering in person or distant Reiki sessions on Tuesday, or Thursday morning. Sandy will be offering in person or distant Reiki sessions on Thursday (afternoon and evening). Fee for a 60-75 minute session is 75$

    To book with Shiona: homeofreiki.shiona@gmail.com

    To book with Sandy: homeofreiki.sandy@gmail.com

  • Gaining strength and flexibility of mind/body/spirit.

  • Our Teachers

    We have assembled a diverse array of talent to serve a wide spectrum of wellness needs. Please browse the bios below to learn more about our wonderful practitioners. BWC is grateful to our dedicated teachers!


    To read more, hover over each portrait to be taken to their complete bio.

    My yoga journey started at a young age, with my Aunt Martha teaching yoga in her own studio as a Master Hatha Yoga Instructor. During my thirties, my yoga practices stopped while raising 4 active teenagers and working full time. In 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and resumed my yoga practice during my chemotherapy and radiation treatments. According to my doctors, my recovery was exceptional, and in large part, credit yoga, mediation and staying positive for my gift of life. After my full recovery, I wanted to give back, and help others going through cancer treatments. After discussions with my two yoga mentors (Emelie and Amanda), I decided to attend Kripalu School of Yoga for my initial 200 hours yoga training and I have not looked back since. Yoga is a special gift in life, and I want to share it with all interested in the practice. The joy, peace and inner-self connection of yoga is what the world could use more of today.

    Betsy Griswold- yoga teacher

    Intro to Gentle Yoga

    Yoga 4 Cancer

    Breagh recently completed her 200-hour Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training with Anuttara Yoga, under the guidance of Guruji Raj Kumar of the Shivoham Tradition. From a young age, Breagh has been practicing yoga and what began as purely a physical practice for her has since grown into a philosophy of life that supports her in every moment. Breagh is passionate about all that this beautiful, ancient practice has to offer and is excited to create a trauma sensitive space where students feel safe to fully connect with themselves. Committing to an open, humble, supportive and creative environment, Breagh hopes to instill a sense of autonomy within her students where they feel empowered to show up as they are and follow their own intuitive wisdom as they are guided through the practice.

    Breagh Christie- yoga teacher


    Yoga & Creative Movement for Kids (8-11)

    Specialty Workshops

    Cynthia has been meditating and studying the teachings of the Buddha since the early 2000's. In the past few years, she has attended many residential and online retreats and has participated in intensive study programs through Insight Meditation Society, British Columbia Insight Meditation Society and True North Insight. She is very inspired by the way dharma practices foster connection, wisdom and happiness. Cynthia has completed the program for community meditation teachers at True North Insight, and she looks forward to sharing the teachings and practices with others.

    Cynthia Davis- meditation teacher


    Meditation Workshops


    “Erin began practicing yoga in 2005 and continues to learn that yoga represents so much more than a physical practice on the mat. Erin’s first practice was a Gentle Vinyasa Flow in a candlelit studio. The comfort, calm and peace that was found in that class made her curious to learn more about yoga and its benefits. Erin began to witness within herself that changes were taking place in how she saw herself from within and how she saw the world. Loving kindness, compassion and vulnerability were present. As she continued to experience the impact of yoga she knew she wanted to guide others in practice. She completed a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Germany with a focus on Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin. Each of these styles have served her well throughout her life, supporting her through pain, fear, anxiety, depression, illness, love, joy, laughter and play always allowing for teachings in surrender and presence. She has learned that yoga is a healing tool that she hopes to share alongside each of her students

    Erin Gibbs- yoga teacher


    Flow and Stretch (60 and 75)

    Donation Based Pop Up classes

    Janet has over 25 years’ experience as a social worker, has been teaching Yoga and mindfulness since 2012, and offering Ayurveda and Bliss Therapy since 2018.    Certifications include:  Reiki, Reflexology, Ayurveda, Restorative Yoga, Yoga for depression, anxiety and trauma; Yin Yoga, Kripalu Yoga, HeartMath, Lifeforce Yoga Practitioner and Marma Therapy.    Janet offers services in Bliss Therapies as well as:  Indian Head Massage, Abhyanga (yogic massage & infused oils); Shirodhara (pouring of infused oils on head) & Marma (use of energy points) to reduce stress, support deep relaxation & restoration of the mind-body.  She holds memberships with the International Association of Yoga Therapists, the Kripalu Yoga & Ayurveda Association, the New Brunswick & Canadian Associations of Social Work, and the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada.   Appointments:  text or call:  506 461-9520    Available:  Tuesdays 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.  Info @:  wwww.brooksidewellnesscentre.org/#services

    Janet McGeachy

    MSW, IAYT, n.d.


    506 461 9520 (text or call)

    Ayurveda, yoga and naturopathic services

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    Kayte Turner- Reiki Master & yoga teacher


    Reiki sessions & Yin Yoga

     Hello, I offer Pre & Post Natal Fitness classes to the Fredericton area.  I have 10 years experience in Health and Wellness, including 5 years running my own fitness business when I lived in Ontario.                During my first pregnancy, I completed my training as a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist and expanded my business over my next 2 pregnancies, becoming a community member in prenatal care for the area.  In 2015, I sold the business and returned here to my Fredericton, where I was born and raised. After 8 years at home with my 3 girls, I am excited to get back to my passion - helping new moms in their transition to motherhood. This includes building community, providing support, and educating them on how to recover from the stresses of pregnancy.

    Krista Groen- pre and post-natal fitness specialist





    Shiona is a recently retired family doctor with a passion for holistic wellness. She blends her knowledge base of human illness and disease  from her medical training, with certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from East Coast Mindfulness, and a more recent attainment of Reiki Master Healer, having studied with Jocelyn Clark. Shiona has always wanted to "help people", and views her work now as simply a different way of healing- one that can be truly transformative. Shiona tries to weave her work into her day to day life, and most people who know her are drawn in by her grounding presence and interest in people. She loves the outdoors and spending time in her kayak, hiking, cycling and cross country skiing. Family comes first, and her children are the true joy of her life.

    Krista Sartoris- Reiki Master

    Animal Reiki Master


    Sound Healing Journey- Group Reiki and Guided Meditation
    After participating in Chair Yoga classes for many years and realizing the many benefits to her own aging body, Margo decided to participate in a teacher training program so that she could share these benefits with others. She has found that she loves teaching chair yoga at many different levels from beginner to advanced and particularly enjoys teaching clients in nursing homes, both those who are mobile and those confined to wheelchairs.  Margo believes that physical movement should be joyful, not painful, and encourages her students to work at their own level and listen closely to the needs of their own bodies. In addition to teaching Chair Yoga, Margo is available on Monday afternoons offering relaxing Reiki treatments. Contact: margo.chairyoga@gmail.com , phone 506-206-8426, or text 902-955-1467 More information may be found on Margo’s Facebook page “Chair Yoga and More”

    Margo Bent- Chair yoga instructor/ Reiki Practitioner



    Chair Yoga

    Reiki sessions

    broken image

    Merina Farrell- yoga teacher


    ZenYoga classes

    Workshops to support stress, anxiety & sleep


    Nancy brings over 20 years of teaching yoga and delivering meditation to various groups and has been enriched through trainings in classical hatha yoga, pre- and post-natal yoga, yoga for the aging body, yoga for arthritis, yoga for a better back, and yin yoga. She is a certified iRest© yoga nidra meditation teacher and has Level 1 reiki.  Beyond yoga and meditation, Nancy holds a B.A. in French with a minor in psychology and a B.Ed. in French as a Second Language with a minor in educational psychology (counseling), works full time as an editor and translator, and has two glorious adult children. Maintains Yoga Alliance accreditation.

    Nancy Anderson- yoga teacher


    Gentle Yoga- Rest and Renew

    Rest and Restore-IRest Yoga Nidra

    Pamela Hamilton has been engaged in the practice of various styles of Yoga for over 35 years and is ever grateful to Anne, her first instructor in London ON, for deeply nourishing a love for yoga. Pamela’s practice includes Yang Ashtanga & Hatha, Yin and Meditation. In 2019, Pamela to completed the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training at SemperViva Yoga (since closed) in Vancouver, BC. This was followed, in 2020, by the opportunity to attain certification as a Yin Yoga Teacher, with Dianna Batts and Bernie Clark (author, teacher and creator of YinYoga.com) and to study Meditation with Nathalie Keiller. In 2020 Pamela attained certifications as a Breath Coach and a Yoga Trapeze instructor. Pamela credits Yoga and Meditation for helping her navigate the COVID-19 pandemic with equanimity.

    Pamela Hamilton-yoga teacher


    Yin Yoga

    "Meet Rose Flynn, an Integrative Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Master Teacher    After the unexpected passing of her husband in 2009, Rose was lead to the ancient healing art of Reiki.  Her profound experiences prompted a spiritual quest and healing journey that changed her life.  Rose became a Reiki Master Teacher of Traditional Usui Reiki in 2016 and has continued to expand her knowledge and understanding of energy modalities and healing.  She is a student of foot and hand reflexology and hopes to bring Reflexology to BWC in the near future.

    Rose Flynn- Reiki Master/Integrative Intuitive Energy Healer


    506 261 2112

    Reiki & Reflexology sessions

    After completing her 200 hr yoga certification with Jenny Kierstead in 2008, Sandy soon went on to do teacher training with Jennifer Reiss, Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, as well as with master teacher, Judith Lasater, Restorative Yoga. Sandy is passionate about helping others ‘still the mind’ while moving towards healing and transformation. In the past eight years Sandy has successfully introduced yoga nidra to students of all ages in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario. In the interest of continued studies and expansion of her own knowledge base, she has studied with Jim Hopper (Kripalu), Buddhism & Yoga: Harnessing Key Brain Circuitries for Healing & Happiness, as well she has recently been attuned to Reiki Master/Teacher with Jocelyn Clark (Fredericton).

    Sandy Lund-yoga teacher/ Reiki Master Teacher


    Yoga Nidra 

    Group Past Life Regression

    Reiki Sessions


    Sherry Younker is Fredericton based Yoga and Somatics teacher and Registered Massage Therapist. Her practice can be described as anatomy informed, therapeutic, and holistic. Sherry’s classes are a balance of effort and ease and use a combination of vinyasa, hatha restorative, somatics, and yin yoga and are influenced by her background in pilates and therapeutic exercise. Her studies in Somatic Experiencing and Trauma Sensitive Yoga inspire her approach to working with people both one on one and in group classes and workshops.

    Sherry Younker- yoga teacher


    Flow and Restore

    Somatic Movement and Meditation

    Shiona is a recently retired family doctor with a passion for holistic wellness. She blends her knowledge base of human illness and disease  from her medical training, with certification in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction from East Coast Mindfulness, and a more recent attainment of Reiki Master Healer, having studied with Jocelyn Clark. Shiona has always wanted to "help people", and views her work now as simply a different way of healing- one that can be truly transformative. Shiona tries to weave her work into her day to day life, and most people who know her are drawn in by her grounding presence and interest in people. She loves the outdoors and spending time in her kayak, hiking, cycling and cross country skiing. Family comes first, and her children are the true joy of her life.

    Shiona McIntosh-Mindfulness teacher/ Reiki Master


    Meditation @ Noon

    MBSR 8 week program

    Reiki sessions

    Mindfulness Consultations


  • Stimulating the mind to look past its habitual patterns.

  • F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I bring to class? And what is the current studio protocol?



    -Use of studio props is permitted. However due to our desire to keep everyone as safe as possible, please consider bringing the following items to class with you.

    -yoga mat

    -warm, heavy blanket

    -towel to cover neck pillows

    -Queen or King sized pillowcase(s) to place over your yoga bolster- this is a necessary item in order to use our studio bolsters or meditation cushions.

    -water bottle


    -Please arrive 15 minutes before your class to allow all students and teacher time to get settled. Proof of double vaccination is required- can be emailed or presented at the door with ID.


    -Masks are optional.


    -You must sanitize your hands at the door when you arrive, and also before you take any props from the prop room.


    -After class, any BWC gear that you used is to be left on the studio floor.


    -Please come back as often as you can and take your lessons from the yoga mat home with you to share with others! Thank You!!


    What hours are you open?

    Mindfulness & Yoga- We are only open during scheduled class/workshop times. You are welcome to drop in to attend classes but if you have questions it is best to contact us prior to a visit as teachers will often be teaching and unavailable for general inquiries.


    The Reiki Room- appointments with all of our Reiki practitioners are by appointment only, and all studio protocols must be followed by Reiki clients as well.


    Ayurveda Services with Janet- Janet works out of a cozy corner in the BWC studio on Tuesday afternoons. Appointments must be pre-booked with Janet- text or call, 506 461 9520






    How do I sign up?

    You must pre-register for all classes. 

    Please get in touch with the teacher of the class you'd like to attend, and they will let you know if there is a space for you. E-transfer is our preferred method of payment. Teacher emails can be found in multiple sections above


    Mindfulness 8 week program requires pre-registration via the website at www.bwcfredericton.com



    Do you offer private classes or community events?

    Yes! Some of our teachers offer private one on one lessons. If this is of interest to you, please email the teacher directly to inquire about scheduling and cost.
    Community work- some of our teachers are out and about doing great work in the community- watch for them elsewhere, and please contact them directly if you are interested in booking a session for your event or workplace

    What should I wear?

    Dress comfortably in loose, stretchy clothes that allow you to breathe and move freely.

    Are there change rooms?

    Yes! You can change in our bathroom!

    Studio Etiquette

    1. Arrive 15 min prior to class.
    2. Enter & arrange props quietly.
    3. Save discussions for after class.
    4. Turn off devices (not vibrate).
    5. Don't judge yourself or others for forgetting any of these, we are all here to have fun and grow :)

    Is BWC a scent free space?

    We use natural unscented products to clean the studio and props. We consider ourselves to be a scent reduced space.

    There is some use of essential oils in The Reiki Room with consent of client.

    Please be aware of the effect your scented body products may have on others!


  • Creating an environment which is welcoming and free of judgments.

  • Contact Us

    Brookside Mall 435 Brookside Dr, Fredericton, NB E3A 8V4, Canada


    We do not have a telephone and are open only during class times or by appointment!

    Please send an email to our general email if you have an inquiry or to the individual teacher's email to pre-register or with questions about classes.

    If you'd like to receive our monthly NEWSLETTER direct to your inbox, please send an email and we'll deliver!

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    @Brookside Wellness Centre

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